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Investment ratio of R & D development
8% of annual turnover

1. Vitamin U (Cosmetic composition comprising Vitamin U as an active ingredient for healing wounds and reducing wrinkles)
   :Korea: 10-1202006 , USA; PCT/KR2009/001441 (Pending)
2. Cosmetic composition for skin-whitening: 10-2012-0144245 (Pending)
3. Cosmetic composition for inhibiting wrinkle formation on skin: 10-2012-0144247 (Pending)
4. Composition for inhibiting growth of metastasis of Keloids: 10-2012-0144260 (Pending)

Thesis activity
- Announced at Singapore Aesthetics Asia Conference in 2009, 2010
- Published in Hong Kong IMCAS Conference in 2010
- Published in the International Journal of Experimental Clinical Pharmacology

[2010;85:68-76 Doi:10.1159/000276495]
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