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EX-C After Cream|CUSKIN EX-C After Cream
Volume: 15ml
Skin type: Sensitive, All
Features: Soothing cream for skin that has been rendered sensitive after cosmetic treatment. It contains chlorella extract, yolk extract, etc. that facilitates skin normalization
Key Ingredients: EGF, Vitamin U, Ceramide, Chlorella Extract, Egg York Extract
How to Use: Apply immediately to oversensitive areas even after laser treatment. Apply every 2-3 hour at the first day then every 4-6 hour for 7-10 days
AV Free Spot Control Cream
Volume: 10ml
Skin type: Acne Skin
Features: High performance acne treatment cream. Eliminates acne bacteria and provides antibacterial effects
Key Ingredients: IgY, Cu-Peptide, Salicylic acid, Vitamin U
How to Use: Apply to the affected area every morning and evening. Apply directly to the acnes as soon as it appears
CU: Nature L50 Hydro Facial Mist
Volume: 100ml
Skin type: Dry, All
Features: Facial mist tone and refresh skin with Neutral hydrogen water and 50 sorts of nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, etc., which helps to keep the skin healthy and moist
Key Ingredients: L50, neutral hydrogen water, natural moisturizing factor (NMF), aroma (Clary sage aroma), albutin, vitamin C derivative
How to Use: When feel dry during the day, spray L50 Hydro Mist on the face with eyes closed. Raise arm to forehead height and spry from at least 20cm distance. Shall be applied after makeup
Sebum Control
Volume: 20ml
Skin type: Oily and Combination skin
Features: Keep skin fresh with neat feeling by control excessive sebum
Key Ingredients: Sage Extract, Regu-Seb, Chamomile, Vitamin E Acetate
How to Use: Apply to oily spots when needed
CU: Nature Broccoli Peeling Gel
Volume: 100ml
Skin type: All
Features: Mild peeling gel gently removes dead skin cells without skin irritation. Naturally derived cellulose meets broccoli, nourishing super food for your skin. It takes just 60 seconds to cultivate polished and hydrated skin. Perfect silky smooth skin is a delight to the touch. * Our ultra-fine powder of purely natural cellulose extracted from fiber absorbs the sebum that clogs skin pores and adheres to dead skin cells, inducing physical peeling while gently eliminating impurities from the skin.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin U (Broccoli extract), GG (Glyceryl glucoside), Betaine (Sugar cane extract), Licorice extract and Portulaca oleracea extract, Green tea, Rosemary, Chamomile, Gold, Knotweed extract
How to Use: After washing and drying your face, take a suitable amount of the product and apply evenly over the entire face, avoiding the area near the eyes and around the mouth. Use your fingers to gently rub the product outwards along the natural texture of your skin for around 30 – 60 seconds. Once the product forms clumps of dead skin cells and impurities, rinse your face off with lukewarm water.
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