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CU philosophy:
CU Skin makes cosmetic products that are beneficial for both our consumers and our natural environment.

1. CU Skin actively supports the use of natural ingredients.
We constantly seek out naturally derived ingredients.
We use components that satisfy the needs of both our consumers and our natural environments.

2. CU Skin makes safe and comfortable cosmetic products.
We use only ingredients verified to be safe for our consumers.
We produce mild products that achieve the purpose of usage without excess.

3. CU Skin creates cosmetic products proven to be effective.
We develop optimal formulations based on intensive research.
We use ingredients that have been scientifically confirmed to have effective benefits.


Product Confidence:
The efficacy of cosmetic products depends on the differences in ingredients and formulations.

1. CU Skin continues to make bold investments to develop high performance natural ingredients and formulations.
Our constant investments in R&D enable us to secure specialized and effective ingredients, and to develop delivery know-how to ensures that these benefits and experienced directly by our users.

2. CU Skin products contain only the necessary amount of ingredients required to achieve efficacy.
Our company meticulously verifies the effectiveness and safety of each and every ingredient we use, and utilizes the optimal quantity for delivering the targeted benefits.

3. The efficacy of CU Skins products has been affirmed through the testimony of groups of skin care specialists and our own expert clients. Our products are professionally used by renowned dermatology clinics in Korea, and have received satisfactory reviews from over 200,000 discerning and picky patients.

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