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CU SKIN Co., Ltd is a cosmetic professional company established in 2004 specialized in Cosmeceutical products for clinics and esthetics in collaboration with dermatologists.

As a subsidiary of CU group, we have its own laboratory & production factory and have developed many categories of cosmetics through continuous R & D investment.

On the base of the long clinical experience of CU Clean-Up Dermatology, we are trying to develop the cosmetics using natural ingredients that are well known and developed by us as much as possible. The products have designed to both of troubled and normal skins to get the best effects that consumers are looking for according to their requirements.

We have been putting efforts to expand to general cosmetics markets in order to provide its specialty to those who want not only needs base but also safe and comfortable cosmetics.

Nature of CUSKIN

CU Skin was established in 2004 with the aim of providing safe and effective cosmetic products to the selective and discerning clients of our network of Clean Up dermatology clinics to address various forms of skin related concerns. Since then, CU Skin has mainly supplied prescription cosmetic products customized for specific skin problems to our network of Clean Up dermatology clinics.

CU gained experience in a wide variety of cosmetic ingredients as the supplier for dermatologists, and these insights led to the research and development of specialized cosmetic ingredients. In 2008, we applied for patents in Korea and the U.S. for our anti-aging cosmetic ingredient using Vitamin U with verified cell regenerative functions, and in 2012, we also completed patent applications for our anti-aging and whitening applications of natural extracts from French lilac, tangerine peel, spiderwort, etc. These breakthroughs have enabled CU Skin to produce effective cosmetic products using exclusive ingredients, at competitive prices.

Recently, CU Skin has been engaged in diversifying our research projects to enhance the skin penetrating efficacy of these ingredients to ensure that the desired benefits are maximally realized in the user’s skin. Along with our successes in securing exclusive cosmetic ingredients, CU Skin has thus established a total system for formulating and manufacturing cosmetic products certified to be effective and safe.

CU Skin has always taken pride in creating safe cosmetic products that promote the safety of our consumers based on our long experience in the field of skin care, but we are also devoted to the social mission of ensuring that our cosmetic products are fundamentally beneficial to the natural environment as well. In pursuit of this goal, we have made large investments in uncovering eco-friendly ingredients and developing methods for their manufacture.

By identifying and applying ingredients in a manner that supports a sustainable environment for the new generation, and by developing effective formulations that are safe for usage, CU Skin seeks to build our identity as a cosmetics company that promotes a lifestyle in harmonious coexistence with nature.

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